Name of the Game

Dearly Beloved Fans,

We would like to make a very special announcement. Our team anticipates the upcoming release of our new full-length album to be the launching point that catapults us up unto a new plateau. The amount of progress made throughout this past year and the fans and friends we’ve made along the way has truly made us feel like we can conquer the world.

After much deliberation, our team has ultimately decided that a need for change is in order. Without further ado, Funkadelic Astronaut presents our new band name: MISSION CONTROL.

Our 2019 summer run of shows will be our last shows with the name Funkadelic Astronaut, so don’t miss out on some very historical nights with us!

  • June 22 – Evelyn’s, New Brunswick NJ (x2 sets)
  • June 28 – Olive’s, Nyack NY (w/ Sonic Gymnastics)
  • June 29 – T.B.A., Philadelphia PA
  • July 12-14 – Kenny’s Cosmic Campout VI, Barryville NY
  • July 27 – Evelyn’s, New Brunswick NJ (x2 Sets)
  • August 10 – Private Event

One year and 7 months ago, Funkadelic Astronaut took the stage as a trio in a small bar in Hawthorne, New Jersey. Without a guitarist for the first time since the very beginning of the band’s existence and unsure of the band’s future, Ryan Gavin (Keys), Kevin O’Neill (Drums), & Sam Luba (Bass) took the stage as an act dubbed, “Mission Control.”

A jam-heavy setlist was written by Sam to cater towards the trio’s improvisational talent, opening with what turned into a legendary 20-minute intro jam into an inverted Magrathea. Magic quickly overtook the tiny bar in northern New Jersey, and the three of us could feel the small crowd erupting with excitement, later commending us on our performance.

Led by Ryan’s incredible talent on keys, backed by Kevin’s amazing percussive skills and paired with Sam’s remarkable song writing abilities, we knew a future as a trio was a future worth pursuing. We continued on with the name “Funkadelic Astronaut” after officially establishing ourselves as a trio but have been considering this name change ever since.

The show was unfortunately lost without any trace of recording or footage, but the show will live on as an important and historical night in our band’s history.

We are sincerely looking forward to partying with all of you this summer and want to thank all of our fans for supporting us through the years to get us to the point we are today. We are now Mission Control, but you are all still our Funkadelic Astronauts and we cannot wait to see what other Astronauts hop on board!