Mission Control is a New Jersey based Alternative Dance-Fusion trio featuring Ryan Gavin on Keyboards, Kevin O’Neill on Drums, and Sam Luba on Bass. The group gained attention from 2013 through 2019 performing under the name “Funkdadelic Astronaut”. In 2018, with the departure of longtime guitarist Matt Mautone, the band began to look towards the future.

One June night, the group took the stage as a trio in a small bar in Hawthorne New Jersey. Without a guitarist for the very first time, the band took the stage as an act dubbed: Mission Control.

A jam-heavy setlist was written by Sam to cater towards the trio’s improvisational talent, opening with what turned into a legendary 20-minute intro jam into an inverted Magrathea, the title track from Funkadelic Astronaut’s last release.

Magic quickly overtook the tiny bar in northern New Jersey, and band could feel the small crowd erupting with excitement, later commending us on our performance.

Led by Ryan’s incredible talent on keys, backed by Kevin’s amazing percussive skills and paired with Sam’s remarkable song writing abilities, the band knew a future as a trio was a future worth pursuing. The boys continued on with the name “Funkadelic Astronaut” after officially establishing ourselves as a trio but have been considering this name change ever since.

The show was unfortunately lost without any trace of recording or footage, but the show will live on as an important and historical night in the band’s history.